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Öz&Öz Hukuk bürosu

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our office was founded in 2010 in Istanbul by Sevki Onur Oz who has started practicing law in 1990 in Ankara. We represent and counsel companies, business owners, commercial business start-ups and individual clients in a wide variety of matters as a full-service law firm with a team of experienced lawyers while maintaning our tradition as litigators.

ÖZ&ÖZ also advises international clients in Turkey and represents clients abroad with innovative legal solutions in commercial business or personal legal matters and in drafting legal framework of investment plans. Based on its many years of experience in complex multijurisdictional disputes through litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings, ÖZ&ÖZ provides individualized attention that each matter deserves and cooperates with other international law firms and organizations.

ÖZ&ÖZ is particulary strong in contract law, real estate law, competition law, banking law, franchising and all distribution agreements, local and foreign arbitration, labor law, law of absentees, Ottoman Foundations.

With its long standing experience, ÖZ&ÖZ aims to build on its knowledge in the newly emerging areas of law in compliance with the needs arising in the changing world. In addition to the conventional legal services, aiming at expanding preventive legal services, ÖZ&ÖZ organizes legal seminars and compliance programs for lawyers and business teams mainly in areas such as competition law, data protection, anti corruption, EU Law, corporate law and business ethics.

ÖZ&ÖZ being the first Law Firm in Turkey who obtained TS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality standards from Tüv Management Service GmbH Certification Centre, provides legal services both in Turkish and in English.